Leading Harvard Professor Tells Diane Sawyer of ABC News:

“It Was a Remarkable Reversal of the Aging Process...”

Youth Restored in Just 30 Days ...
and YOU Can Use this Same Technology to Transform Your Own Body

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The mice had lost their intelligence. Every one of them had performed poorly on tests, and they all had shrunken brains.

They had become infertile and lost their desire for sexual activity. Their hair had changed from glossy and youthful to dull and gray. Their vision was dimming, with a loss of peripheral vision.

Then, one by one, each of those signs of aging was reversed.

They became sexually active again and actually fertile. At the equivalent of a very elder age they had healthy offspring.

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer announcing the results of Dr. DePinho’s study on ABC’s World News.

Not only did their intelligence come back, it reverted back to youthful. And the atrophy of the brain – the shrinkage – reversed. They grew back a normal, youthful brain.

Their hair became shiny and thick again. And their eyesight returned.

All because Dr. Ronald DePinho, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and director of applied cancer science at the Boston-based Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, “flipped a switch” inside their cells.

Brain cells that were dormant came back to life, producing new neurons. Their shrunken organs, like spleens and even testes and brain, grew in size.

Key organs functioned better, and the mice got their sense of smell back. The males also produced new sperm cells, and their mates gave birth to larger litters.

The mice went on to live long healthy lives.1

After Dr. DePinho and his colleagues had taken mice and made them young again, he said it was a remarkable reversal of aging.

The reason I’m writing to you today is that I want you to know there are clinically proven ways for you to start making these changes in your own body.

At the end of this letter I’m going to show you the newest information and advice I have, that I’ve never published before on exactly how to flip this switch to “on” in your body. And I’m going to tell you how to get an exclusive list of the newly-discovered nutrients that help accomplish this age-reversing effect.  

But if you would, give me just another minute, I’ll show you why it works.... 

The Secret of “Eternal Youth” is
Hiding in Your Own Cells

The “switch” Dr. DePinho turned on, is a gene inside your cells’ DNA. 

This gene activates an enzyme that tells your cells to “live forever.” At the same time, it tells your cells to make repairs, restore energy to your aging heart and brain, and even fix the broken parts of your DNA that cause cancer. 

When your cells are in “live forever” mode, they keep performing like they did when you were younger, providing you with an unlimited amount of energy, vigor and healing power.

But here’s the problem: This gene is usually “sleeping.”

And that’s why you age. Each time your cells divide, a “weaker” part of your genome, or genetic blueprint gets exposed. And this “weaker” part of your genetic blueprint tells your cells to become older, slower and more decrepit.

But when this “fountain of youth” gene is reactivated, it tells your cells to stay “forever young”... giving you strength, focus and vitality regardless of how old you really are.

That’s how Dr. DePinho transformed those aging mice... by reactivating this gene inside your cells.   

Now We Have a Way of
Reactivating this Gene in YOUR Cells

The discovery that made this new therapy possible won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009, and I’ve been testing these very same techniques with a select group of my own patients for three years.

With the first “activator” designed to turn on your fountain of youth gene, we’ve helped an elite group of patients “grow younger” as they age.

I call them “elite” because the cost of this therapy was VERY expensive when it first became available. I had high-level politicians, Hollywood stars, real estate tycoons and famous doctors coming to my clinic for this first-ever age-reversing therapy.

During the course of their treatment, we saw remarkable changes that include:

  • Faster, longer-lasting fat loss...
  • Sharper eyesight and improved vision...
  • Thin, graying hair turning black and lustrous...
  • Increased muscle mass and testosterone...
  • Bigger lung volume, with increased endurance and oxygen delivery...
  • Elimination of joint pain and improved flexibility...
  • Easing depression with a brighter, more positive mood, and an overwhelming sense of optimism...

And unlike the original trials it won’t cost you a fortune to experience these changes.

You see, the first generation of this age-reversing formula was just for the very wealthy. But new research lead to more affordable ways of reactivating this fountain of youth gene.

At the end of this letter I’ll show you how to get the exclusive list of the newly-discovered nutrients that activate this revolutionary gene.

First, let me tell you what happened when Dr. Ronald DePinho shocked the world by taking old mice and returning them to youthful form.

Aging, Shrunken Brains Return to Normal Size

When Dr. DePinho turned on the enzyme telomerase, the aging brains in the old mice returned to normal size.2

The “brain shrinkage,” which happens naturally as you get older is clear to see. The older brain is smaller, more narrow and weighs less.

The other brain is from the same group of old mice... but this one was revived and restored by Dr. DePinho’s telomerase therapy. You can tell how the brain looks fuller and more robust. It weighs more, too.

Here’s something else... the aging brains that Dr. DePinho restored had a new, heavier layer of a very important covering known as the “myelin sheath.” This insulating, protective cover surrounds the nerve cells in your brain and helps shuttle the electrical impulses your brain cells use to communicate with each other. 

You may have heard of the myelin sheath. Not only does it get thinner and more vulnerable as you age, it’s also the target of the amyloid-beta plaques that build up in Alzheimer’s patients.

But miraculously, the myelin sheaths in the mice revived by Dr. DePinho, grew a new, heavier layer of this critical insulation.

Here are the pictures.

myelin sheath

The picture on the left shows a thin, narrow band where the myelin sheath has deteriorated with age.
The photo on the right shows how the same myelin sheath has been restored to its full, youthful size.

In the picture on the left, you can see a very thin layer of grey that surrounds the nerve cell. This is the narrow myelin sheath in a nerve cell of one of the old mice.


The telomeres are the “caps” or ends of each chromosome, which get shorter each time your cells divide.

By contrast, you can see the thicker, heavier myelin sheath in the photo on the right. This shows you how the protective covering was fully restored after the telomeres in these rejuvenated mice became longer.

Dr. DePinho noticed other changes, too.

To test whether their newly-restored brains gave the mice new functional ability, researchers set up a maze to see if the mice would avoid a certain area when they detected the scent of a predator or a foul smell.

Remarkably, these mice regained their sense of smell.

When these mice were still “old,” their olfactory nerve cells had atrophied and they had lost their survival skills. But once Dr. DePinho restored their brain function, their nerve centers regenerated and they were able to negotiate the maze with ease.

Even their memories and overall awareness improved.

Now keep in mind, NEVER in the course of human history has anyone accomplished something even close to this. Previously, only in science fiction novels could you hope to resurrect dead brain cells. In the real world, it was pure fantasy.

We now understand the TRUE mechanism of aging

The transformation Dr. DePinho achieved is based on the telomere.

Telomeres are the “time keepers” attached to every strand of your DNA. Each time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. When your telomeres run down, cell division stops and your life ends.

By slowing down the loss of your telomeres, you not only extend your lifespan, you stay younger longer.

Slowing the loss of your telomeres is step 1. That’s part of what I do for my patients. And it’s important you know how this works.

As the telomere gets shorter, your body produces cells that are older, weaker and more decrepit.

This speeding up of telomere loss actually causes your body to transcribe an older, more dysfunctional part of your genome. That means your body becomes weaker, more frail and open to all the pitfalls of aging.

Step 2 is reactivating your “fountain of youth” gene that turns on the enzyme that REBUILDS your telomere. This enzyme called telomerase (te-LOM-er-ace) can ADD length to your telomeres, allowing you to repair your DNA and restore a younger version of yourself.

And that’s how Dr. DePinho made those old mice young again.

Aside from my own research and experience, there are hundreds of studies that support the idea that longer telomeres keep you younger longer.

Here are just a few...

The LONGER Your Telomeres
the LOWER Your Risk of Disease...

Researchers continue to discover compelling evidence that the length of your telomeres determines your risk for life-threatening diseases:

  • A team at Harvard discovered that having short telomeres nearly doubled the risk for bladder cancer.3
  • The journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment published findings that breast cancer cells had shorter telomeres than normal cells.4
  • Japanese researchers found cancers of the mouth begin in cells with short telomeres.5
  • The British Journal of Cancer reported that colon cancer cells have shorter telomeres.6

...And the LONGER You Live

When you have longer telomeres, your cells don’t age as quickly, which means that not only do you avoid diseases like cancer, you live younger longer.

100 year olds in good health had “significantly longer” telomeres than those with health problems.7

Your risk of heart attack increases the faster your telomeres break down. When researchers looked at people in perfect health who later died from heart disease, they found the death rate from heart attack was 3 times higher for men whose telomeres got short the fastest. The death rate for women was 2.3 times higher.8 Simply stated, the shorter your telomere, the higher your risk of death from heart attack.

People with shorter telomeres in their immune cells had twice the risk of death from heart failure as patients with the longest telomeres. The study, published by the American Heart Association, found the highest-risk group had telomeres half the length of the lowest-risk group.9

The message here is clear. When you preserve telomere length, you preserve life and youth. And when you start to REBUILD the telomere, you kick off a series of changes that repairs your aging DNA.

Here’s what I mean.

Your Telomeres Tell Your Cells How Old They Are

So far, you’ve seen how longer telomeres correlate to a younger, stronger body, while shorter telomeres correlate to an older, diseased body.

And when you “activate” the enzyme called telomerase, you can actually rebuild your telomeres, making them longer.

Here’s how: When this enzyme is active, it tells your cells to create a younger version of yourself.

As your telomeres shorten over time, the proteins inside your DNA shift and change, exposing a new “fold,” or new section of your genome.

As the shortened telomeres show “older” parts of your genome, you create cells that act and look older.

Think of shrinking telomeres as turning the pages of your own life story. The further you get, the closer you are to the end. And, like any book, you can flip to any page you want. 

That means when your telomeres burn down too quickly, you fast-forward to an “older” version of yourself.

But the amazing part of this whole story is that you can “rewind” your story book and by lengthening your telomeres, move your body’s genetic code back into the “younger” part of the story.

That’s the power of this new technology... for the first time, you decide what kind of body and mind you want to create.

It’s Like Wiping Your Slate Clean...
or Getting that Second Chance

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take that promote longer telomeres and slow the aging process. You don’t have to make any radical changes, and there are no impossible, insane workouts or dieting that will deprive you of anything.

It’s important because maintaining and even lengthening your telomeres can help you live healthier and longer, plus dramatically slash your risk of serious diseases.

And for the first time in human history, we know of specific nutrients that activate telomerase, your “fountain of youth” gene.

In my brand new exclusive report, I’ll reveal to you for the first time the newest discoveries that show you how.

 Over a Dozen Newly Discovered Activators You Can Use
RIGHT AWAY to Create a “Younger Version” of Yourself

Until now, you needed a small fortune to afford this age-reversing therapy.

Now for the first time, I put the most effective, most affordable and easy-to-find telomerase activators I use with my patients in a special report called, Groundbreaking New Discoveries: 12 Natural Ways to Stimulate your Cells to Grow Younger. 

This is by far the easiest way to put this Nobel Prize-winning technology to work for you RIGHT NOW. 

Many of these nutrients are easy to find. You don’t need a doctor’s visit or a prescription. And they go far beyond bigger lungs and youthful energy.

By unlocking the power of your telomeres, you can even avoid chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

And like my patients, you can begin creating a “younger” version of yourself by activating YOUR OWN fountain of youth genes. 

And that’s one of the really amazing aspects of this approach to aging, there’s NO LIMIT on how far you can take it. It’s completely up to you.

As for me, I’m NEVER going to stop.

Now that I know exactly which nutrients deliver the best results, I’m going to take FULL advantage... for the rest of my life.

Today, you can too.

When you download Groundbreaking New Discoveries: 12 Natural Ways to Stimulate your Cells to Grow Younger today for just $29.95, you’ll have instant access to the newly discovered nutrients that reactivate your fountain of youth gene.

You’ll also discover:

  • The inside story on how the telomere and “fountain of youth” gene were discovered, and the journal-published evidence that supports their incredible, age-reversing effects...
  • How you can become the “director” of your own life movie, where just about anything you can imagine can be made real...
  • The secret of controlling your genetics so that you’re always expressing a “younger” part of your own genome...
  • The startling details of the groundbreaking experiment by the Harvard professor of genetics who turned aging mice back into vibrant, restless teenagers...
  • And so much MORE...

PLUS I’ll Send You a Bonus Gift

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It’s a perfect complement to Groundbreaking New Discoveries: 12 Natural Ways to Stimulate your Cells to Grow Younger, especially if you’re new to the topic of telomeres, how they work and what they can do for you.

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This is Power You can Put in

Not only do we understand the very mechanism by which you age, we’ve found a simple system that helps you preserve your telomeres, reactivate your “fountain of youth” and repair your aging DNA.

We live in exciting times.

For the first time in medical history you can control your own genetic code... and use it to grow younger as you get older.

  • You can “rewind” yourself to younger, more youthful levels of energy, stamina and performance.
  • You can recharge your heart, lungs and brain... build new muscle, burn away fat... you can even recapture a younger-looking face and skin.

And with today’s special offer, you can get these benefits for yourself and save $69.95.

Plus, you won’t risk a penny.

You’re FULLY Covered By My
No-Hassle, Ultimate Guarantee

I stand behind everything I do, and I don’t believe you should pay for anything you don’t want. So download Groundbreaking New Discoveries: 12 Natural Ways to Stimulate your Cells to Grow Younger right now... and start using these age-reversing secrets today.

You’ll also receive your FREE Telomeres: Nobel Prize Winning Breakthrough DVD bonus at no extra charge.

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And you can keep your FREE gift with my compliments!

Getting started is easy.

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

1 Horner J, Maratos-Flier E, Depinho R, et. al. "Telomerase reactivation reverses tissue degeneration in aged telomerase-deficient mice." Nature. 2011 Jan 6;469(7328):102-6.
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