Dr. Sears Reveals the Secret to Undying Health

There’s a hidden switch in every cell of your body. It controls how long you live... and when you die.sdf

It has the power to extend life—maybe indefinitely.

Most doctors have never heard of it.

A group of scientists stumbled upon it just ten years ago. They watched in awe as generation after generation of cells multiplied . . . without aging.

As one top researcher put it in a Harvard report, “with this switch turned on, these cells become ‘immortalized’.”1

Until very recently, we didn’t know how to activate it. Today we do.

We’ve uncovered the natural mechanism in your body that sets aging in motion. And we’ve found a simple compound that flips the switch, bringing it to a halt.

For the first time ever, you can slow down and even reverse aging.

You’ll be in the front row as Dr. Sears and a team of leading anti-aging experts walk you through the process in his brand-new DVD.

Imagine . . .

  • Hitting the “Century Mark” . . . with energy to burn

  • Watching your great-great grandchildren grow up . . . and having the strength and vigor to keep up with them, every step of the way

  • Leading a rich, active live well into your “twilight years” . . . out on the golf course, working in the garden, visiting with family and friends

. . . without ever being “housebound” because of old age.

Now imagine a cutting-edge technology that works with your body to2. . .

  • Ramp up your sex drive

  • Boost your resistance to disease

  • Sharpen your vision

  • Make your skin more youthful

That technology has finally arrived.

Simply put, it’s the greatest breakthrough in the history of anti-aging medicine.

You’re Invited to the Anti-Aging Event of the Year

Last October a select group flew in from across the country to hear about the new breakthrough—from Dr. Sears himself. With good reason: he’s the first doctor in the US licensed to provide this breakthrough to the public.

At $500 a ticket, it was a pretty exclusive event. That’s why Dr. Sears hired a top-flight video production crew to film it. He wanted to be able to bring the latest in anti-aging science . . . right into your living room.

Consider this a formal invitation to Dr. Sears’s Seminar. Show up whenever you want—with the push of a button. No need for a plane ticket or the cost of a hotel.

Not only will you have in hand the secrets behind this rejuvenating power. Dr. Sears shows you 6 simple steps to activate your anti-aging gene—right away.

You’ll also hear from people whose immortality gene is already “switched on.”

In fact, Dr. Sears and his colleagues are personally undergoing this historic anti-aging treatment themselves. They’ll share with you the changes they’ve seen in a matter of months, from sharper vision to enhanced mental powers.

You’ll hear about people like Bob Hayes. At 82 he regularly runs 50-mile races—and bests competitors half his age.

Or Helen Klein. She just broke the world record for marathoners aged 85-90—by over an hour.

You’ll learn the secret to their health and longevity from one of the leading anti-aging researchers in the country, Dr Bill Andrews.

And you’ll discover what one of the top anti-aging specialists calls “the single most promising approach to reversing the effects of aging.”3

Unleash this Life-Giving Power

The immortalizing power of this breakthrough lies in a genetic structure called the telomere. It’s the mechanism that controls aging. It’s also the key to total health.

What are your telomeres? They’re protective tips that cap the ends of your DNA:


Each time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. When your telomeres run down, cell division stops and your life ends.

For the first time in history, we can halt and even reverse this process.

The secret lies in an enzyme called telomerase. Telomerase makes your telomeres longer. That means your cells actually get younger as time goes by!

Simply put, telomerase turns back the hands of time. It’s in every cell of your body —but the gene that makes it turns off as you age. Telomerase activation switches it on back on.

It’s not just your lifespan we’re talking about here. Telomeres are dramatic indicators of your overall health.

Have a Look at the Evidence . . .

Nobel-Prize Winning Breakthrough Is Working For People Like You

Check out these stories. They’re from everyday people like you:

“I was amazed when I saw my 6 month results. My immune health markedly improved.”

Anita Gross, 67
Anacortes, WA

“My telomeres got longer by 100 base pairs at 3 months and an additional 100 base pairs at 6 months. ”

Bob Waskom, 69
Pacific Northwest

“I was already a competitive athlete when I began. My regular 30-mile bike ride—with a 4000-foot climb—took me 2 hours and 20 minutes. After 3 months... it went down to 2 hours. And, by the way, my skin is more supple. My skin elasticity, as measured by a Cutometer, improved.”

Shelby Blackburn, 45
Redwood City, CA

“As an aging human taking this treatment, I was hoping for measurable improvements at the end of the year long Protocol. As a practicing MD, am surprised at the improvement in my immune system after only 6 months. The percentage of my “old” or “senescent” (CD28-negative) T-cells compared to the total population of cytotoxic T-cells went down from 11 percent to 6 percent. Normally the ratio goes the other way with age and if this holds up at one year, that would be a very significant result.”

Salomon Pustilnik, MD 50

Dr. Sears has been talking about telomeres and health for years. Modern science is beginning to catch on.

We now know that telomere length is a key indicator of your overall health. The latest evidence from the most highly regarded sources keeps mounting...

And here’s the kicker: last year the prestigious journal Lancet backed up Dr. Sears’s 6 steps to switch on your immortality gene.10

It came in a study run by Dr. Dean Ornish. He found that the same lifestyle changes you’ll find in Dr. Sears’ Telomeres: Nobel Prize Winning Breakthrough Seminar can boost your telomerase levels by 29 percent.

Get Started on the Path to Agelessness Today

You can see just how important your “immortality gene” is to your life and health. You really can switch it on. People across the country have already done it—and they’re seeing the changes for themselves.

Find out what you can do to start “growing younger” right in your own home. Watch Dr. Sears' Telomeres: Nobel Prize Winning Breakthrough Seminartoday.

By the way, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages over the people that came last October.

Unlike them, you’ll be able to . . .

In addition to telomere science, you’ll have in hand the 6 simple steps to activate your anti-aging gene—right away.

Those who came to this event in person paid $500 per seat. Now, you can have exclusive access to the most exciting advancement of anti-aging medicine in history … for only $69.97.

If you want to learn about how you can stop and even reverse your genetic aging clock, I suggest you pick up your copy today.

To Your Good health,

Dr. Sears signature

Al Sears, MD

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