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    Written by Dr. Al Sears


    Would You Put Gasoline On Your Face?

    When you think of toxic chemicals, you probably don’t think of your cosmetic products. But your lotions, shampoos and sunscreens likely have chemicals that strip away moisture, irritate and cause skin wrinkles like propylene glycol, parabens, PABA, PEG and mineral oil. Some ingredients have even been known to cause cancer. And they’re hiding in products [...]

  • Skin Secret Better Than Aloe

    In the dry, hot environment of the Arabian Desert, the most-used natural product to heal skin isn’t water, or even aloe. It’s honey.1 Honey, it turns out, is a completely under-the-radar skin miracle. Honey, milk and oatmeal mixtures were also commonly used as facial beauty scrubs in ancient Egypt. In Europe and western Asia they [...]

  • Powerful Skin-Restoring Nutrient From Ancient Root

    Have you ever heard the term senescence? It’s a synonym for aging. Senescence describes the state of our cells once they’ve reached the end of their life. Why is this important to you? Because it means your skin no longer produces enough new, healthy cells and begins to sag, wrinkle and look older. The beautiful [...]

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    Written by Dr. Al Sears


    Liquid gold for your skin

    It’s sometimes called “Liquid Gold” because the oil is so prized. When I went to Africa I saw mothers rub it on newborn babies’ skin, and women brush it into their hair. People even sprinkle it on their couscous because the oil is not only good for your skin and hair, but it’s also healthy [...]

  • Old cells are new again

    While the U.S. sits this one out, the rest of the world is not waiting. Half of all the booths I’ll see at the world conference on anti-aging in Malaysia in a few weeks will all be about one thing: Stem cells. In many ways, stem cells are the future. We have seen the beginning [...]

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