Reverse the Signs of Aging in a Single Month

Advances in anti-aging technology are reaching new heights, and that’s great news. Because now, for the first time ever, you can control how quickly your skin ages.

It’s a breakthrough that can extend the youth span of your skin cells to reduce visible signs of aging. It has even been shown to reverse existing skin damage.

The groundbreaking substance I’m talking about is called Teprenone, and in clinical studies, the results were astonishing. Over a period of 30 days:1

Shut Down the Aging of Your Skin

On Oct. 26, 2008, people all over the country attended my first ever conference on telomeres (pronounced tell-o-meers).

Surrounded by some of the world’s most recognized, cutting-edge researchers in the field, we shared how telomeres are the key to aging. And everyone who witnessed the event walked away with the ability to control their aging clock and add years of abundant health to their lives.

Telomeres are the “time keepers” attached to every strand of your DNA. They’re critical to youthful cell function. But each time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. When your telomeres run down, cell division stops and your life ends…