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Dear Reader,

This should have made headlines...

In the April 3, 2007 issue of the prestigious Journal of the American College of Cardiology, leading researchers revealed that a startling 100% of patients with chronic heart failure ALL had the same, unique signs of degeneration in their cells.

Even more amazing is the fact that a known cure has been available the whole time.

Yet, here we are, five years later... and NO ONE has told you there’s a simple enzyme that not only reverses this degeneration, but actually rebuilds your heart muscle.

If you’re suffering from heart disease, or if you’re in any way concerned about your heart, I want you to know there’s a new technology you can use RIGHT NOW to regenerate the cells in your heart so they look and act like younger cells.

When I first read this report, I thought it would finally validate my own research and success with my patients. Sadly, that was not the case.

This technology, which won a Nobel Prize in Medicine, is NOT a drug or surgical procedure. Surprisingly, it’s been ignored and overlooked by cardiologists and is now targeted by the American Heart Association.

But this therapy is something you can use on your own, without a prescription or permission from your cardiologist... even if you’ve already suffered from a heart attack.

It’s safe, natural and works at a cellular level to restore all the characteristics of a youthful heart.

I’ve been using this therapy with my own patients for over three years, and in my own clinical files, I’ve recorded results like:

  • Lowering high blood pressure and keeping it in normal range...
  • The reversal of congestive heart failure with improved “ejection fraction,” the measure of your heart’s pumping power...
  • Accelerating the healing process for patients recovering from a heart attack...
  • Repairing the flexibility of blood vessels and reducing the level of plaque build-up...
  • Improving circulation, physical performance and overall energy levels...

As incredible as this sounds, the “secret” is finally out... and it’s all documented, verified and published by one the most prestigious medical journals in the world.

In the next few minutes, you’ll know exactly how this discovery works, and how you can start using it TODAY to revive and re-energize your tired heart.

We Now Understand The True Mechanism Of Aging

Over the past century, dozens of ideas, theories and hypotheses have made their way through the halls of universities and laboratories around the world.

But as captivating as these ideas may have been at the time, I now know that all the factors I used to think of as “causes” of aging are merely the “consequences” of aging.

Most of the so-called “causes” come from internal sources. In other words, the hormones, cells and sources of energy inside our bodies start to decline over time and cause the loss of energy, vitality and immunity we associate with aging.

But ALL these influences, whether internal or external all point to ONE FINAL PATHWAY that determines how and why you age, and that’s the shortening of the telomere.

This discovery was so groundbreaking, it won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009. To better understand what this means... let’s take a look at what the “telomere” really is.

Reignite Your Heart’s Power With
This Nobel Prize-Winning Technology

Located in every chromosome, telomeres are the “time keepers” attached to each strand of your DNA. When your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. And when your telomeres run down, cell division stops and your life ends.

By slowing down the loss of your telomeres, you not only extend your heart’s power, you stay younger longer.

That’s what I do for my patients. And that’s what I’m going to show you today.

As the telomere gets shorter, your body produces cells that are older, weaker and more decrepit.

This speeding up of telomere loss actually causes your body to transcribe an older, more dysfunctional part of your genome. That means your body becomes weaker, more frail and open to all the pitfalls of aging.

It’s “programmed old age” for your heart... complete with congestive heart failure, heart attack and hardening of the arteries.

In fact, the shorter your telomeres, the “older” your heart is, regardless of your actual age. In this way, your telomeres “tell” or instruct your heart’s cells how to behave based on how old they are.

But there’s a way to “tell” your cells to act and behave like younger cells.

At the beginning of this letter, I mentioned the enzyme that “rebuilds” your heart.

That enzyme is called telomerase. It can extend the length of your telomeres. And when you switch on telomerase and make your telomeres longer, you regenerate your heart’s cells.

Telomerase is the “antidote” to aging and revives your heart’s energy, vitality and pumping power.

Ignored Or Overlooked?
Short Telomeres Cause Heart Disease

When researchers investigated the first long-term connection between telomeres and heart health over the span of two decades, the results were clear and conclusive.1

Published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, the team of doctors at a research hospital in Denmark followed almost 20,000 people for 19 years.

The people with short telomeres had a...

  • 50% increased risk of heart attack
  • 25% increased risk of early death

Another study, published in the same journal, found an alarming increase in heart attack risk... this time, people with short telomeres had an increased risk between 280% and 320%! 2

These newly reported results confirm what we now consider a FACT: Shorter telomeres make you a target for heart disease.

Aside from heart attack, your risk of atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries goes up to.

In a study published in the prestigious journal Lancet, researchers found an association between short telomeres and atherosclerosis.3 The people with short telomeres had accelerated aging of their blood vessels and had a build-up of plaque that correlated to someone 8.6 years older.

This increased risk extends into the very fiber of your heart muscle.

In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers discovered that people with heart failure had telomeres that were 40% shorter than

Heart failure is now characterized by both telomere erosion and the death of cardiac “myocytes.” These are the muscle cells in your heart and are responsible for generating the electrical impulses that control your heart rate, among other things.

Now that we know short telomeres are the “hidden hand” that influences your heart and causes disease, there are simple ways you can not only protect the telomere, but lengthen it.

And that’s the key to building and maintaining the “heart of a lion.”

Discover The Secret Of Reactivating The Enzyme
That Re-Energizes Your Aging Heart

Once telomerase was discovered by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn in the 1980s, researchers started searching for reliable ways to activate this elusive enzyme.

Along the way, thousands of plants, herbs, nutrients and molecules were studied for their telomerase-activating potential.

There were many failures, and million of dollars were spent in the process, but just in the past few years, new studies have shown that a handful of nutrients are proven to activate telomerase and rebuild your telomeres.

In my special report, Re-Energize Your Tired Heart: Reactivate this Little-Known Enzyme and You’ll Out-Perform People HALF Your Age, I reveal the identity of these telomerase activators and show you how recent advancements give you the very real opportunity to maintain REAL heart strength as you age.

You’ll discover that everything you read about in this letter is not only true, but available to you RIGHT NOW.

  • Like the popular, heart-healthy nutrient that researchers found, “significantly increased telomerase activity.” 5
  • Or the 20 placebo-controlled studies that show how this little-known heart helper reduces arterial plaque, lowers LDL cholesterol, and increases HDL levels.6

You’ll find out how surprising new research has uncovered the telomerase-activating ability of vitamins and nutrients available for pennies at your local grocery store.

When taken in the right dose, and in the right form, these vitamins and nutrients instantly protect and elongate your heart’s telomeres.

Here are just a few examples:

  • The most well-known form of this vitamin, “protects against telomere shortening by activating and restoring telomerase.” 7
  • Another form of this same vitamin can, “modulate the length of the telomere possibly via telomerase.” During one study, telomere lengths were 16% longer than controls.8
  • When a Japanese study tested this vitamin’s effect on telomeres, it was found to slow down the loss of telomeres up to 62%. 9

Today you have a simple and reliable way of rebuilding your telomeres and keeping your heart young and vital.

And when we’re talking about telomerase, it’s important to remember that adding length to your telomeres means you can actually make your heart younger.

That’s the key to understanding this newest breakthrough... You see, the length of your telomere dictates the kind of cells your body produces.

Longer telomeres produce younger-acting cells.

That’s what gives you the experience of a full “restoration.” Your body is literally creating a younger, more powerful heart... even though you’re technically getting older with each passing day.

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Not only do we understand the mechanism that makes your heart weaker, we’ve found a simple system that helps you preserve your telomeres, and reactivate the enzyme that lets you maintain the heart strength and physical performance of someone decades younger.

  • You can “rewind” your heart to younger, more youthful levels of energy, stamina and performance.
  • You can recharge your heart... build new muscle... burn away fat... and even compete with and outperform men and women younger than yourself.

I’ll even share with you some of the “ageless heart” strategies I use in own practice.

You’ll discover:

  • The one nutrient that 85% of my patients are missing, and why getting more could eliminate your risk of heart attack, congestive heart failure, and high blood pressure.
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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

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