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    Posted on October 30th, 2012

    Written by Dr. Al Sears


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    “Dr. Sears, What Should I Take?”

    My accountant R.S. was just in my office. He told me about the taxes but then he didn’t get up to leave… so I knew he wanted something. I said, “Is there anything I can do for you?” “Well, yeah,” he said. I was doing P.A.C.E. and I thought I should go to a trainer [...]

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    Posted on May 20th, 2011

    Written by Dr. Al Sears


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    The One Nutrient I Take Every Day

    When I was in med school 25 years ago, a small group of researchers were quietly laying the groundwork for a breakthrough that, at the time, sounded like science fiction.

    Today it’s reality. People like you are keeping the power of youth into old age. I’ve seen it first hand.

    Being one of the first board certified doctors in anti-aging medicine, I’ve had a front row seat for this remarkable discovery. The breakthrough I’m talking about is a brand new form of CoQ10 called Accel. It’s helping my patients make unbelievable gains.

    The energy Accel supplies to your major organs is so powerful; they just don’t seem to break down or get older. All the limitations we associate with aging are going out the window.*

    The inventor of Accel – Dr. Mae from Japan – showed me some test results when he stopped by for a visit. The mice taking Accel were the equivalent of 80-year old humans – and they were running around like teenagers.

    Now you have the possibility of keeping the power of youth… even as you hit 80 and beyond.

    Let me explain…

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    Posted on December 23rd, 2010

    Written by Dr. Al Sears



    The Cure For Christmas

    It’s Christmas time again… are you having fun? There’s so much to do … some of my patients tell me they’ve just had it.

    You may be feeling run down, too. It’s tough to find the energy to stay on top of everything.

    But I have a solution for you that will give your brain more fuel and your heart more energy than you’ve ever had before.

    You don’t have to drag yourself around the entire holiday season trying to keep up. This is energy you can feel… with no coffee crash and no getting burned out after sugar rushes from all those Christmas treats.

    If you haven’t heard about this yet, keep reading…

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    Posted on November 15th, 2010

    Written by Dr. Al Sears


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    Famous Doctors Agree…

    Today, thanks to pioneers like Dr. Kaufman, you know to get enough nutrients like the B vitamins, and others like vitamins A, C and D. But many people are still suffering from the lack of one single nutrient: Coenzyme Q10.

    It’s impossible to live without CoQ10. It’s called ubiquinone because it’s ubiquitous – it powers every single cell in your body. In fact, it’s so important that revealing how CoQ10 works won Peter Mitchell the Nobel Prize in 1978.

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