This Is Your Brain on Margarine

There’s now another reason to avoid margarine. It can make you stupid.

According to researchers at the University of Auckland, children who ate margarine every day had significantly lower IQ scores by the age of three-and-a-half than those who did not.1

And children who were underweight at birth had scores that were even lower by the time they were seven.

The tragedy here is that margarine was sold to us as a “healthier” alternative to butter. In fact, it may be the unhealthiest “food” ever created…

Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Furnace By Eating MORE Fat

Have you seen this ad for one of those fake butter spreads?

It features a 1950s family called the “Buttertons.” The mother serves the family entire sticks of butter shoved into baked potatoes. The voiceover says something like, “Back then we didn’t know much about cholesterol and saturated fats… Today, we know better.”

That means they’re telling you that you shouldn’t eat fat. It’s remarkable that this message is still dominant in the mainstream media.

The truth is we don’t eat a high fat diet. We eat less fat than our ancestors did. And yet we’re the ones with obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, clogged arteries and high blood pressure…

Help Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

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