“I Get Noticed Everywhere I Go”

Take a look at this …

“I’m 50 years old and started taking Primal Lean about six months ago. I’ve lost a total of 75 pounds and I’m now a size 2. A SIZE 2! I have never been a size 2 ever, probably not even as a child. Thrilled is an understatement. It has brought my marriage back to life. I am noticed everywhere I go. I have so much energy and am so sincerely happy I cannot begin to tell you. The ability to try on anything and be happy with the way it fits and looks is amazing.

“Dr. Sears, you have given me something I could never accomplish on my own. The smallest I could ever get was a size 8, which seems huge compared to the size I am wearing now. THANK YOU!”

Let me explain…

Nature Is Better

When I was in medical school, they never told me about the hormone leptin. They didn’t even know it existed.

Then the medical community widely accepted the view that leptin was a new potential avenue to control obesity because it would stop your hunger. Some even went as far as suggesting that we should give everyone who was overweight a leptin injection.

Now we find out it’s not what we thought it was. Leptin should control hunger. But when you gain too much weight you become leptin resistant. Your brain will then ignore leptin’s signals. Giving people more leptin will only make it worse.

Can Pigs Lie?

You should see the e-mails I’m getting about “Pigs Don’t Lie.” I never knew pigs were so popular…

Have you heard about this? Researchers took a group of pigs, fed them one simple nutrient, and the pigs dropped their fat and got lean from that one change only.

It’s a nutrient you probably don’t get enough of, but everyone needs. In fact, your body uses it to:

No One Wants To Stop

Everyone who tries it has something good to say about it… And when they run out they always want more. No one wants to stop taking it. When the rest of the world catches up – this little-known West African herb could become recognized as the most effective weight-loss supplement ever discovered.

Claudia Has a New Life

Claudia from Colorado has been feeling much better. She tells me she’s in the best mood of her life, her food cravings are gone and she’s dropping weight.

In just a couple of months, Claudia feels so good she’s telling her friends about it.

“I’ve convinced a dozen friends this works. One friend called me after five days to tell me she had no signs of PMS for the first time in two years!”

Great stuff.

Ease your hunger cravings, improve your mood, burn fat and drop pounds faster than you think is possible.

Read on and you can find out how…

Wherever she goes, people talk…

Teresa looks spectacular in a bikini.

Men half her age walk up to her and start conversations, or tell her how great she looks. Wherever she goes, people talk.

But it wasn’t always like that. Teresa used to weigh 204 pounds and wear a size 14 dress…

Ready for Your Beach Body?

With summer here, everyone wants that beach body. And they want it in record time.

That’s why everyone is asking for the “fat burner.”

“Who was that guy that lost 28 pounds in 10 weeks?”

“I heard about the lady who says she gets noticed everywhere she goes…”

That’s what I hear in the office.

Here’s the deal: I do have a slimming formula. And the stories you’ve been hearing are true.

“I Get Noticed Everywhere I Go”

Deep in the jungles of West Africa, there are places where obesity is completely unknown.

The natives don’t get fat.

A professor doing population studies discovered this curious fact. After watching this group and comparing them to others, he found something unique about their diet:

The locals use a paste derived from the seed of a “bush mango” to thicken their soups.

This professor, an expert in nutritional biochemistry at the university in nearby Cameroon, created an extract of this seed and ran his own tests.

After 10 weeks, the people taking this extract dropped an average of 28 pounds and shed 6 inches around their waist…

Heads Turn When I Walk By

Imagine strolling down the beach, confident enough to wear that skimpy bikini.

You notice heads turning as you go by.

You smile to yourself.

“Hmm… looks like it’s gonna be a good summer.”

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to starve yourself or go to the gym five times a week to get a beach-ready body.

You can drop inches your waist by adding one, simple thing to your diet and exercise plan.