I’d Rather Be Sick…

Buddhist monks live a strict life of depriving themselves. They don’t have any kind of sexual activity and try to stop themselves from even having any desires. They are not allowed to marry, or even touch a woman. Sex and lust are the most important things to avoid.

And do you know how they prevent all those sexual urges and desires?

They eat soy.

If that’s what you had to do to be healthy, I think I’d pass.

Frankenstein Lurking in Your Pantry

The world’s biggest, most powerful agriculture companies are experimenting with your life. You never agreed to take part in it. But it’s triggering infertility, tumors, kidney and liver disease and more.

Big-Agra giants like Monsanto are helping to put untested mutations on your dinner table. These Franken-food experiments are better known as GMOs, or genetically modified organisms.

Big-Agra’s number one cash crop – soy – is creeping into thousands of products you eat every day, whether you know it or not. sixty to 70 percent of ALL processed foods contain some soy.

And, almost all soy crops are genetically modified. This “mutant soy” is clinically documented to cause depression, fatigue, infections, brain fog, nausea… even cancer.

Are You Eating a Gasoline Additive?

I don’t mind telling you… I hate soy. I loathe it.

Soy sucks nutrients right out of your bloodstream. It can turn a man into a woman. Soy is one of the worst crops for the environment. It destroys the soil and wrecks our ecosystem.

And now, here’s another reason to hate it even more.

Natural-food manufacturers are using a toxic chemical called hexane to process the soy in their products.1

This is the same substance that makes gasoline explode. It’s the stuff in glue that gets you high. Hexane fumes go straight to your brain and cause damage almost immediately.

Some of these foods are probably in your kitchen cupboard right now. And you probably thought they were good for you because they say “Natural” on the label.

Here’s how it’s happening…

This Modern “Health Food” May Be Poisoning Prisoners

Have you heard what’s going on in our prison system? If not, you’re in for a shocker. Turns out, the prisoners are suing their jailors.

In January 2003, the diet of inmates in the Illinois prison system was drastically changed to include large amounts of processed soy protein. Soy replaced cheese, meat and flour in the prisoner’s diets.

When their diet changed, the inmates got seriously ill with chronic and painful constipation, alternating with debilitating diarrhea. Sharp digestive pains and vomiting occurred after soy-based meals. Fainting, heart palpitations, and panic attacks were common. Skin rashes, acne, thyroid problems, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, frequent infections, and depression were also present.

Bad News for Soy Lovers…

Dear Reader, It’s in thousands of different products… everything from cookies to mayonnaise. You probably ate some today without even realizing it. But that’s a problem: Too much and you may wind up in a male fertility clinic. It robs your manhood and no one’s bothering to tell you. I’m talking about soy. The USDA says it’s healthier than protein …

Don’t Put This In Your Starbucks…

Dear Reader, I stop by the Starbuck’s near our Wellness Center every now and then for my morning coffee. The other day I noticed they’d put some pamphlets on the checkout counter about how good their soymilk is for you. I’d like to share my thoughts on this with you. Many people think of soymilk as a healthy milk substitute …