The Greatest Health Scam In History Used President Eisenhower As A Pawn

On June 24, 1956, the American Heart Association broadcasted a show on the three major television networks. It presented a new theory on heart disease: that is was caused by cholesterol. The major proponent of this theory was not a doctor or even a scientist. He was a little-known economist named Ancel Keys. Keys called his theory the “lipid hypothesis.” …

Big Pharma’s Phony Heart Drug Failure

Get this: Big Pharma giant Merck has been trying to re-package one of Nature’s most potent heart health allies and sell it to you as a heart “drug.” They heavily lobbied the FDA to get it approved in the U.S. But a few weeks ago they had to pull it from the approval process.1 Why? Because their drug didn’t quite …

Better Than Aspirin

Nearly every day, a patient asks me about aspirin and heart attacks and strokes. I usually respond with something like: “Well, the TV commercials make aspirin prevention sound logical. But it’s not a vitamin or a nutrient. It’s a drug. Drugs are rarely health-enhancing. And taking aspirin regularly often causes a new set of unintended consequences.” A study published in …

Private jets and statin drugs

“Everybody I know in my age group is on statins.” For a minute I felt like I was having statin drug-induced pain just hearing that. My friend T.M. is approaching 50 years old, and he’s a very successful guy. He’s CEO of a publicly traded company, and another one he invested in just went public. Most of his friends and …

Are They Joking?

I’m having a hard time believing it isn’t some kind of late April Fool’s joke.

I just read an article in The Journal of Family Practice, a conventional doctor magazine.

The author seems amazed, telling readers that, hey, we’ve got something very unusual here. There’s a guy who came in who had numbness and pain, and we didn’t know why. He didn’t have diabetes or any other condition known to cause it. It took 13 years to figure it out and it turned out to be this rare side effect of – can you believe it – a statin drug!

Are they kidding?

100,000 Prescription Deaths and Counting…

Last year, over half a million Americans were hurt by prescription drugs. And 100,000 of them died.

How did that happen? If some prescription drugs are that dangerous, how are they getting approved?

The answer is not simple. There are good people involved in the process. But the incentive in the system has become distorted.

Here’s how it happened…

Statin Candy Anyone?

As a doctor, I’m outraged. As a father… well… I’m even more outraged…

For years, doctors have been handing out statin drugs to any patient with high cholesterol. But they’re the most dangerous drugs a doctor can prescribe. They’ve been linked to fatigue, heart problems, and even death.

But here’s what’s different about the side effects of statins: They don’t just pose an outside risk of an unlikely problem. They rob every single person who takes even one pill of energy. And if you take one for long enough, you’re going to feel very tired and very old…

No Drug Delivers Results Like This…

Vitamin D can keep you from having a heart attack. It’s as simple as that.

Not only that, it does it with no side effects.

I’m not being dramatic here. In fact, just last month, I found more proof.

Researchers proved that people with the highest levels of vitamin D had a 43 percent lower rate of heart disease.

Lower This Inflammation Marker

An FDA advisory panel wants to get healthy people hooked on statin (cholesterol-lowering) drugs – with all their ugly side effects.

Yes, the FDA has reacted to a drug company-sponsored study showing that people with high C-reactive protein (CRP) levels had fewer heart attacks and strokes when taking statins.

But they brushed aside the 13 deaths and 18 “confused states” among the participants. And they ignored the increase in adult-onset diabetes as well.