Dr. Sears’ Success Stories

“I was brought up by a mother who was an RN and a father who was an organic farmer. I grew up naturally, with no aspirin or chemicals. I ate raw milk, fresh eggs, pork, and beef. And I would pick and eat fresh fruit like raspberries and strawberries. I am living proof that a natural diet and lifestyle keeps you young and healthy. I am 76 years old and I am as healthy as someone half my age. I believe in Dr. Sears’ method to health because he supports a natural approach. He explains things thoroughly and takes time with me. He helped me to get off of one prescription drug that I was taking. I think that the key to keeping your mind alert is to go back to the natural way.”
Maureen F.; West Palm Beach, FL

“I was disabled for 14 years. Doctors had told me that I had 10 different conditions. I was taking 18 pills a day. I was told by the doctors that I would have to be in a wheel chair and take oxygen for the rest of my life. I would go 3 to 4 days without sleep. I was six feet and weighted only 130 lbs. I knew that I had to do something. I came to Dr. Sears with the goal of getting off my medications. He helped me to cut my medications. He also took the time to educate me and explain the basics of health and nutrition. Today, I feel great. I can sleep at night. I’m no longer bloated or irritable. I no longer take all of the medications I used to.”
- Francine C.

“I injured my back in the military in 1970. After several operations it got worse and my inactivity brought on Diabetes in 2000. With it came high cholesterol, weight gain, difficulty breathing, high BP and inability to go up a flight of stairs. I stopped taking many of my meds and trusted your supplements instead. Now I walk 2.2 km once or twice a day. I never thought I could feel this good again. Thank you.”
Dan B.; Thailand

“I talked to Dr. Sears to get help with high cholesterol. Other doctors had put me on several different cholesterol medications and statin drugs over the years. The last of those drugs left me with severe muscle pain and I was tired all the time. Dr. Sears made me aware of the various dangers of cholesterol medications and showed me safe and natural methods of lowering cholesterol and maintaining a healthy heart. Where Dr. Sears took the time to educate me on the important facts, other doctors just wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way. Now, I’m taking two all natural supplements and sticking to his diet suggestions. My fatigue and muscle aches are completely gone. For the first time, I feel alive! And I feel like I’m dong a service for my body.”
- Penny O.

I’ve tried just about every diet and fitness program out there since I turned 16. And none of them was as easy as and worked as well as Dr. Sears’. When I started Dr. Sears’ fat loss plan I weighed 169 pounds and had 34% body fat. In the first month I lost 7 pounds and my body fat went down to 30%. Today I have lost a total of 19 pounds so far and my body fat went down to 22%. I have so much freedom in my diet…I don’t have to eat like a bird anymore. I can dig into that nice, juicy steak and eggs for breakfast.
I feel absolutely great! I went into my closet the other day and pulled out a bunch of dresses I used to wear years ago. And they all fit! I owe it all to Dr. Sears.
- Eva J.

P.A.C.E.® Rediscover Your Native Fitness

“When I first came to see Dr. Sears, I couldn’t even get to my mailbox without feeling winded and out of breath. I was just tired all the time…My other doctor just gave me prescription drugs. But nothing helped me get my energy back…Not only did Dr. Sears get me off drugs, he gave me a simple system that put me in the best shape in years…I’m stronger, more alert and have the freedom to go where I want when I want…I just walked 9 holes at my club! That would have been impossible 6 months ago…”
Roger F.; Boca Raton, FL

“I struggled for years with my weight problem – but nothing worked. With Dr. Sears’ program, not only did I lose the extra weight (43 pounds!) – my health has improved across the board… I’m not as tired, I sleep better at night and have the extra energy to do the things I love.

But I was most surprised by those “extra” benefits… These days, I’m more cheerful and optimistic – not frustrated and down like I used to be. My family could not be happier…”
Mel J.; Clearwater, FL

“I was very skeptical before trying PACE… Everyone in the world wants you to believe that their system will help you lose weight and feel great. But instead of just making claims, Dr. Sears gave me a plan… and guess what, it worked!

I am now completing my ‘rookie year’ as a cop and at 60, I am fully able to handle the daily rigors of the job. I owe most of that to my PACE program.”
- Mark P.; Michigan

After five months, I lost 33 pounds of fat, and I’ve kept it off for 2 years now! I’ve never felt stronger and more alive – the PACE program actually works. I’ll never go back to regular cardio – those days are over!”
Dave B.; Denver, CO

“All of Dr. Sears’ books are outstanding and the documentation is excellent. I am following what he recommended and I realized I had a Vitamin D deficiency so I was able to start a supplement regimen to help my problem. I have given several of Dr. Sears’ books to many of my friends to read. The PACE recommendations are great and I feel faboulous since I started the exercises.”
Marjorie D.; Melbourne, FL

“Since beginning PACE I have become so strong that my massage therapist says that I’m one of the healthiest people he has seen in all his years.”
Wendy M.; Kalispell, MT

“As a former long distance runner, I am thrilled with the PACE program. The sprinting workouts have allowed me to keep running and injury free. The definition in my muscles and the fact that I am not muscle wasting any more, contributed to an increase in fitness. I now have a better understanding of what it means to be fit. The PACE program is my cardio program. It requires less time and really delivers. Thank you for sharing this wonderful training program.”
Linda O.; East Greenwich, RI

“I love what you have taught me with PACE. After just a few weeks, I built up my lung capacity again, and my strength.”
- Jane M.; California

The Doctor’s Heart Cure

“All I have to say is FINALLY and WOW. I’ve been a proponent of natural foods for years and your book “The Doctor’s Heart Cure” is head and shoulders above other books out there.

Once again thanks Dr. Sears!”
Tony C.; Chicago, IL

“I’ve very much enjoyed Dr. Sears book and very much agree with all of his points and techniques!

His work presents an eye opening (for most folks) account of the problems of heart disease and an even more eye opening plan for its prevention or treatment. Most importantly what Dr. Sears does and advocates is backed by science and is infinitely more easily done and sustainable than the drugs and hours of injurious aerobics currently in vogue. Continue the great work.”
Will W.

Your Best Health under the Sun

“I Feel Good About Living in Florida…”

“I moved down here to retire, then my dermatologist tells me to stay out of the sun. I thought, ‘This is crazy!’ Then Dr. Sears’ told me everything I needed to know about how to get the real benefits of the sun… Now I can relax and feel good about living in Florida! I took the book to my dermatologist and said, ‘See, the sun really is good for you!’ He didn’t say a word… and I’ve never felt better…”
Oscar G.; Boca Raton, FL

Primal Force’s Accel

“Yes I have noticed several benefits of taking Accel. The biggest reason I take it is because it has lowered my blood pressure to normal. I use to take three different medications but still did not bring my blood pressure to a normal reading. I have very good energy & workout with a personal trainer & can keep up with the 30 some things. I recently had a bladder suspension & after a week feel like I had nothing done!! I am very interested to see my next blood work results to compare. Love the product & have set up an auto ship.”
- Evelyn L; Windsor ,MN

“Wouldn’t be without it. Have tried other brands but none seem to have the lasting effects of accel. My wife has migraine headaches and accel seems to make a difference in the length of time between and the duration.”
- Warren L.; Longview,WA

“Changes in my mental awareness is apparent. My memory is a tad more active. My energy level has definitely stepped up. I was pretty excited when I found your two magic ingredients that I had in fact been searching for without any success so to get two in one was very satisfying. I am just so glad there are some “Dr. Sears” out there who keep us well informed and also offers these hard to get supplements.”
- Barb R (W.).; Port Colborne

“I have been a health nut for years so in truth and because I also had atlas pro filax done so much in changing and improving I am not sure what it is doing but I feel better than I have ever felt in my life and I am 61.”
- Valerie K.; Canada

“My wife & I have been taking Accel for about 2 years now and we both feel much more alive than previously. I play golf on a rather hilly golf course and whereas previously I had to drag myself up the hills on the last few holes pulling my golf cart, I now have no trouble at all with those last few holes.It has made such a great difference to our lives that we have got a number of our friends using Accel with similar results.”
- Ilja K.; El Monte

“I certainly have noticed a difference in my energy levels and I believe mind clarity as well since using Dr. Sears Accel. I intend to keep using it and look forward to further improvement.”
- Peter W.; Castlemaine Australia


“I am a 70 year old man and I have been taking Accel for 2 1/2 months. On a recent treadmill stress test, I was told that I did as well as several patients tested that were in their 20’s.
- John H.; Bradenton, FL

“I have tried other CoQ10 products, but I know Accel is far better because my husband and I notice memory improvements and increased sex drive.”
- P.H.; Mauldin, SC

“I suffer from very debilitating cluster headaches. When I have a cycle going, I can get up to two per day and the medication I need to function is very expensive. Since taking ACCEL my episodes have been dramatically reduced and are now infrequent.”
- Mark B.; Novato, CA

“After taking Accel, I’ve noticed a marked increase in energy (no afternoon naps needed), improved attitude, and lower blood pressure.”
- Robert K.; Woodinville, WA

“I was diagnosed five years ago with high cholesterol and was immediately put on Lipitor, and Atentol. I went to see Dr. Sears and he took me off the Lipitor and Atentol and put me on cholesterol lowering supplements. I added grassland beef to my diet and took CoQ10, along with cholesterol lowering supplements and my cholesterol is back to normal. I go to the gym three times a week I stopped all prescription drugs and now feel great.”
- Dennis Lipp.; Loxahatchee, FL